Mario Sanchez is the lead singer, plays acoustic and electric guitar. Mario is married and has 2 children. Mario is also a local Child Abuse Investigator, and holds a bachelors degree in Social Sciences and Master degrees in Sociology and Education; but his heart lies in ministry. Mario is a full time worship leader for his home church and continues to participate with the Youth Ministries as well. Mario has ministered in countries as far as Mexico, Russia, and India. He hopes to one day do full time ministry.

Ralph “Jr” Chavez is the bass player and assists with production. “Jr” has a dynamic personality. If you know Jr, then you know what I’m talking about. Jr is a son of Pastors, and has been practically raised in the church. Jr hopes to one day be a doctor. Currently, Jr enjoys works as a physicians personal assistant and enjoys playing basketball and eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. 🙂

Matias Franco is the drummer and sequence operator. Matias is originally from Argentina. He is also son of assistant pastor of Evermore Church in Riverside, Ca. Matias was recently married in 2011 on the island of Catalina. Matias is ambitious, strong minded, and motivated.

Edwin Campos is lead guitarist for Henry Martyn. Edwin is an amazing guitarist-both solid and creative. His humility as a guitar player of his magnitude, makes him even greater. Edwin started playing with HM in 2011, and has quickly earned the respect of his peers. Edwin is an amazing person and a great friend. We are lucky to have his enormous talent.


2 Responses to BAND BIO

  1. Ruben says:

    Right on guys. You’re doing an excellent work. God bless y’all and keep glorifying the Lord with your actions!!!


  2. steve sanchez says:

    Yo Mario, didn’t know you had your own website and all. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at a Dodger game soon. — Steve Sanchez (you know, from the Salcedo’s…)

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