They’ll regret it later

Wouldn’t it be nice if sometimes we could just turn off our feelings whenever we wanted?

It would keep us from experiencing sadness, anger, worry, or frustration. Then we could always live in a state of euphoria, always living happy and carefree; never having to deal with emotions. 

Have you ever been so mad that you did something you regretted? Maybe you felt so sad that you had depressing thoughts? It’s easy to be driven by emotion and to let these feelings dictate our actions, and often times it can get us into trouble.

I wish we could turn off our feelings at will, but that just is not reality. 
The reality is, we are complex beings with a complex nature. And in order to KNOW what happiness is, we have to understand sadness. In order to KNOW peace, We must at some point experience anxiety. 

I know that people have a tendency to operate as if they had no feelings. So they medicate themselves by getting drunk, or going out, they develop inappropriate relationship, or get tattoos (they’ll regret it later). We try everything to erase the emotion we have by finding consolation in these actions. Maybe it will make you feel better—but the relief is temporary. 

A lot of us have grown up and never have developed the appropriate mechanisms to cope with emotion.
But I want to tell you today—to NOT turn to things that you will regret later. 
Instead, learn to embrace the feelings you have, and allow each emotion to be like different colors to a canvas. Let your life, be a picture full of different colors that will eventually create a masterpiece in the end—with both good and bad experiences. 

It’s who you are called to be. 

It’s what you are called to experience. 

Don’t let it change you for the worse. 

Let your emotion teach you. 

Develop HEALTHY coping skills with HEALTHY responses. 

The word says to “be not anxious or worried about anything, but in everything by prayer with thanksgiving…and the peace of God…will guard over your hearts and your mind…” (Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ )

Trust God. 
I’ll just leave this right here. 

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