If I could just tell you…

If I could just tell you…
The beauty of the first sun rays peaking through the blinds in the morning 

the smell of fresh coffee brewing 

the color green in an avocado 

And the crisp blue hue of 

a clean morning sky

Mesmerizing long drives in pursuit of adventure 

the sounds of ocean waves 

and the silence of a forest creek

the stillness in the sheets of a cozy bed

the soft rhythm of winds flying a kite

the smell of freshly baked cookies

or the feeling of melting inside the cozy nook of a couch watching a movie

singing a melody to the song of the heart and the echo of guitar strings vibrating it’s meaning

the taste of warm spicy marsala 

or the smell of random rose pedals

to the deep rush of an airplane take off

running in the rain or the laughter from a silly joke

the tears from a movie that moved your soul

it’s randomness that makes life beautiful. 

If I could tell just tell you…

It’s the little things. That’s life. 

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