New Years Blues

You know every year it never fails. 

The idea that New Years is a chance at a new beginning…doesn’t always come without the remembrance of all the experiences both good and bad that have occurred in the past year. I can say honestly that I have a pessimistic tendency to reflect on things I didn’t achieve or my failures over the past year; perhaps mistakes that changed the very course of my life—and things I could’ve done differently. 

So while everyone is happy, hopeful, and affirming blessings in my life–I look to the New Year a little sad. 

I still want to encourage you though. 

Because life has never began or ended on New Years. You don’t need New Years to start over. It is purely in your heart—and you can be reborn and start over at anytime–as long as you are willing to make that decision. 

Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart..” and while we may have tons of unknowns–our only obligation is to take the next step in our lives in faith. 

I can’t tell you that I’ll be celebrating New Years like a crazy person…and poppin bottles and dancing the night away. That’s never really been my style. 

But I’ll be thanking God that I have life, air in my lungs…and y’all know the rest. 

The basics. 

The essentials. 

That’s my encouragement for you this New Year. It’s not pretty, ear tickling encouragement. But it’s real. And it’s life. 

Don’t lose focus. 

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