Thanks give-me 

The moment we enter the autumn season, we are bombarded and flooded with seasonal marketing. We are propelled into the seasonal holidays in September, and listening to Christmas Carols in shopping malls even before Thanksgiving. I cannot begin to tell you how annoying this is for me personally, especially in a time in my life when I found myself a little hyper-sensitive to living with purpose. I find myself in a time where I am trying to find an appreciation in each moment. No more. No less. I am trying to remain very conscientious about how I use my time and prioritize how I use my energy; and ultimately how everything I do may impact my tomorrow. 

Maybe life isn’t meant to be lived so critically or so seriously. But I think it would be a mistake to live our lives in the deceptive seasonal currents. Time is moving fast, and it keeps us looking for self-affirmations, living for the next adventure, or living for the hustle. Instead of affirming value in our lives, we subconsciously establish superficial goals to have more money, to be more beautiful, or live with entitlement as if we deserve this or that…Being that we are in the season of Thanksgiving, it feels as though the steady and fast paced rhythm of life–has changed the purpose of the holiday–and have modified the root of the season–from Thanksgiving to “Thanks-give-me.”

Have we really become so self centered and selfish that we have lost the appreciation for simple things?
I refuse to be moved by this pace of life. I don’t want to be grateful to God simply when things are good and it’s convenient. In fact, I am experiencing one of the most difficult seasons I’ve ever had in my life. Even with that being said,
I am even more grateful to God for the breath in my lungs. I am thankful for my health, and for having a roof over my head. I am thankful for having clothes and a job. And I am ever so grateful that I have my family…but most of all I am thankful for the forgiveness of God. 

I don’t know…maybe life is just about being able to drift in this massive ocean of destiny…where the current of fate moves us…and we just have to ride it out. Imagine the giant waves that toss us to and fro…then there are the moments where the tide is calm and we float adrift…
Maybe it’s just about perspective. 
Maybe it’s just about the way we choose to view the world. 

Maybe its just about our attitude towards life. 

Philippians 4:8 says “whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, or good; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
In this season, I choose gratitude.

I am thankful for the good and bad. 

I am grateful for experience. 

I am grateful for gain. And for loss. 

I am grateful for the chance to live and make mistakes. 

I am grateful for winning and losing. 

I am grateful for love and Forgiveness. 

I am thankful for the journey.

Just grateful to be alive. 

No more. No less. 
That is where we will find our peace. 

That is where I find mine. 

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