The iPhone X

How many of you have signed up to buy the newest iPhone? They call it the iPhone X—promising to be the next greatest invention since the first revolutionary iphone that hit the market some 10 years ago. I remember standing in line for the first iphone because I wanted the experience of holding a super computer in the palm of my hand. Now years later, that excitement has worn off and we still are led believe that with each updated phone, we are getting something better. Advertisers market new phones and phone companies offer great deals and convince you that you can have the “lastest and greatest” for just a small price-all the while, you’re honestly just senselessly spending your money and getting the same product. 
But why as a generation are we always in constant pursuit of something better?

Ironically, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that our universe is in a constant state of decay and deterioration. That’s why, if you spin something, it eventually slows down. The theory says that the universe is constantly losing energy.

Interestingly, the theory also can be applied to our lives. I mean, have you ever met anyone that gets younger instead of older? No.

So if our universe is actually in a constant state of deterioration, then that means nothing gets better.
Think about it in another context—relationships.

People leave their relationships or marriages for example, because “they aren’t happy.” Maybe their spouse or partner isn’t treating them the way they want. Maybe the spark of romance is no longer there. Maybe they look older, or have developed bad breath or bad habits over the course of the relationship. And you have convinced yourself that “YOU DESERVE MORE.”

How many of your find yourself feeling that way? Well, it’s a trap. LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!


Focusing on relationships for a second, did you know that the National Center for Health Statistics report that in the United States, 50% percent of first marriages end in divorce— 67% of second marriages end in divorce…and if you think that is bad—a whopping 74% of third marriages end in divorce.

Yet, even with those statistics, we find that our generation continues to feed into the TRAP and change relationships like they change their socks. 

We tell ourselves that WE DESERVE MORE or there are GREATER OPPORTUNITIES out there!

We say “I am not happy—and I give up ” thinking that if we change our external circumstances, then our situations will change. And that my friends—is a lie.

The bible says “Keep your lives free from covetousness, and be content with what you have.” (Hebrews 13:5). In other words, BE HAPPY AND STOP THINKING THAT THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING BETTER!

The truth is…there is and always will be something greater out there. But if our minds and hearts DO NOT CHANGE—neither will our circumstances!

There was a time in my life where I pursued a higher education, a home, a car, kids, travel and a family. And truthfully,  in these past few years, I have found myself increasingly restless regarding the life God has given me; evaluating my journey. But in retrospect, now some 20 years later—I step back and realize that I have achieved everything I’ve ever wanted. Yet, sometimes, our need for fulfillment and validation—our desire for sensation and attention—or our hope for love and purpose—is blurred by the lie that it’s not enough. BUT DO NOT GIVE IN TO THAT LIE.

Today, my prayer for myself and for those reading this—is that we can stop feeding our ego and we would remain hungry for God, instead of constantly sitting at the banquet of selfishness full of ourselves. I pray that we find a place where we are content with what we have—or who we are, or who we are with—rather than being in this constant state of unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled—or being led by the promise of someone who proposes to offer you more. 

I pray that we find a peace in who we are in Christ, because the need for fulfillment will never end. We will always want more. Someone will always offer you the world. But do not give in to the lie.

Look around you. Do you have clothes in your back? Do you have a home or place to sleep? Do you have food in your fridge? Do you have good health? Do we have our families in tact? 

Think about it.

Be grateful. 

Live daily in that peace. 

Rest in God. 

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

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