I can do what I want.  The end. 

How many times have you had those dreams where you were flying euphorically through the sky like Superman. Psychologists and Dream analysts alike say that flying in a dream can actually be interpreted oppositely. Dreams where you are flying actually mean that you are “not free” and/or “feel restricted in some way.”

I find that there is a general misconception when it comes to freedom. You’ll hear young adults reference freedom by saying (with a voice of rebellion)…”when I’m 18, I’ll be able to do this or that…” Or perhaps in the context of a problematic relationship, a person might say “when I’m out of this relationship, I can do what I wantthe end.

Interestingly, people usually misinterpret the idea of being “free” with an action. However freedom is not so much “the ability to do what we want, but rather the RIGHT to do what we ought.” In other words, just because we have the freedom to do something, does not mean we should. 

Jesus says in John 14:6 “for I AM the…truth…” because true freedom is not something we can do or touch…it is not tangible or something that can be purchased. True freedom is dependent upon where the understanding of God is, in relation to our lives. SO IF WE KNOW GOD, then we will know FREEDOM.

So whether you are rich or poor, married or single, old or young–at some point you can experience this need for a perceived FREEDOM. BUT instead of seeking freedom we can experience a sort of mental and emotional imprisonment simply because of the disconnect from the nature of purpose and meaning. As a believer in God, I believe that true freedom means to live a life that honors God

If you imagine it this way–a domesticated bird who lives its life in a cage–is suddenly taken outside. The door to the cage is opened and the bird is presented with the opportunity to fly away. Contemplating the dangers also associated with this freedom–including predatory animals, changes in climate, the need to search for food and more–the bird must make a choice. 

So the question remains—is the cost of being “free” worth the dangers associated with it? 

Can we acknowledge that God does not imprison us with rules to life–but rather protects us from the dangers associated with living a life without HIM?

My prayer is that as you seek purpose and meaning in your life; and as you search for freedom–physical, emotional, and spiritual..that you also remain conscience to the implications that each decision has. 

May your pursuit to find freedom–not lead you down a path of obscurity or self-destruction; but that you eventually realize that your freedom is only found in the place you’ve known all along–in God. 

Don’t fool yourself. If you are looking to do what you want–God will allow to do that too. But if you are truly seeking truth and freedom–you’ll find it (Jeremiah 29:13). You won’t find it in bars, drinking, or simply doing what you want–you’ll only find it humbly on your face before God.  

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