God NEVER removed the crown

Do you remember the feeling of getting on your first rollercoaster–the anxiety of that long ascent preparing for the first drop…the deep pulse of the rhythm of your heart beat, and the almost peaceful silence as you climb to the very top. Then suddenly the steep descent and the feeling of breathlessness; there is a race of emotions we experience as we sit helpless through the maze of twisting turns and spins…And that is how life feels sometimes

There have been many days when I have been so grateful and happy…everything seems to be going right. All my bills are paid, I have money in the bank, I have my health, and feel at general peace with myself. Yet there are other times I have woken up and felt like a complete failure. 

I think about King David, a man that the Word of God says “was a man after God’s own heart.” (1 Samuel 13:14). David experienced quite an array of problems throughout his life. While David slayed Goliath as a teen and had many victories and accomplishments–he still experienced difficult seasons in his life time and time again. Think about this–even while anointed King by the Prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 16:13), he was noted to have committed horrible sins including adultery and murder. Did you know that?

So then how could David have remained a “man after Gods own heart…” while making such mistakes and committing such treacherous sins (2 Samuel 11:2-5)?

How could the promise of God remain over David’s life even amidst the mistakes he made?

If you study the life of David, you will see that he possessed a character that sought after God. He was a person that was continuously pointed back to humility. While there were times that seemed utterly hopeless, David’s hope remained in God. 

There has been times in my life personally, that I have felt victories; and then other seasons I have felt insignificant and without purpose. An author by the name of Oswald Chambers says “If God allows you to be stripped of the exterior portions of your life, He means for you to cultivate the interior.”
If you find yourself in that season, remember this; that even amidst all of David’s failures and mistakes, God is simply calling you to examine your life and character. Recently during a very vulnerable time in my life, someone prayed for me and reminded me that God NEVER removed the crown from King David’s head. The Bible says that even despite all his mistakes, the anointing of God never left David (1 Samuel 16:13).
And the anointing of God won’t leave you–IF we continue to seek after Him. IF our faith is unconditional, and not circumstantial–AND IF our hearts remain repentant and pliable…the promise that God has for our lives will remain. 
It’s been many years since I stopped leading worship full time. Maybe because of my past illness, the emotional roller coasters I’ve experienced, or personal mistakes I’ve made–the virtual course of my life has seemed to change. But I know that God NEVER removed the crown from my head and the anointing that God has over my life remains. And it remains over your life too. 
Why? Because even though we change, God doesn’t. He is not finished with me yet. And He isn’t finished with you. 


He remains faithful. 

He remains in control. 

He is still on the throne. 

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